About Us


Nantucket Cookie Company is a small seaside bakery nestled inside the Easy Street Cantina.  We are located on the corner of Easy and Broad Streets, one block from the Steamship Authority dock which is the oldest and still primary gateway to scenic and historic Nantucket Island.  The Nantucket Cookie Company is now in it's 19th year and although we have remodeled and changed our layout, our commitment to scratch-baked goods, with wholesome, natural ingredients has never changed. We are and always will be, "a small batch, from scratch" company.

We developed this online site so our visitors and summer residents could order their favorite goodies after they leave the island or send them as gifts for any occasion.  Many of our products have spawned from our in house service like our scones on our breakfast service menu and our cookie decorating kits that come from our popular cookie decorating that we started around the holidays.  

Also on this website we sell Bartholomew's Nantucket Island Spice and Nantucket Sea Salt.  You may be wondering what they are doing on a bakery website.  Our owner and executive chef, Bart Gangemi, has opened 9 different restaurant concepts on Nantucket and Newport, RI. Bart developed this spice over 32 years ago for use in most all of his recipes.  At times when people were looking for Bart, it was said "he is in the back making his secret spice."  Eventually, he added his authentic Nantucket sea salt into his secret spice blend and now sells it under the name Bartholomew's Island Spice. After establishing this e-commerce site we realized it was a good way to make this unique spice and one of a kind sea salt available nationwide.  

Check out the product descriptions for more on our spice, salt, and all of our "small batch, from scratch" goodies!!

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Bartholomew's Nantucket Island Spice

Our spice is a multi-purpose spice consisting of a unique blend of 65 different dehydrated vegetables, rare herbs and salts, including our island made Nantucket Sea Salt.


Nantucket Sea Salt

Our sea salt is produced from our own sea water, predominantly from our southern waters.  We gather the water and render the all natural sea salt right down town at the Easy Street Cantina at 2 Broad Street. We are sure you will distinguish its distinct flavor and texture immediately and realize that it truly is a unique and delightful Nantucket made product.  You have our guarentee that every grain of this salt is made right here, 100% natural, 100% Nantucket.

Here is a fun write up on our Nantucket Natural Sea Salt.  Check it out for tasty recipes: